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Music Download

1. Account.
Q: I have never visited this site before. I don't know where to start.
A: Welcome! If you want to use all our services you should create your account on our site. For a start, press a red Sign Up button in top of the home page. Enter your email correctly. It is very important, because after registering confirmation message and password would be sent to the specified e-mail address. See that the password is case sensitive and consists of more than 6 characters. Thoroughly read and agree to Terms and Conditions. To complete the procedure, press "Sign Up" button.
Q: Do I have to create an account here?
A: Yes, of course. Otherwise you won't be able to use our service. It is also necessary for personalization of "Shopping Cart" and "Profile", for getting in contact with support and receiving bonuses and discounts. You don't have to pay for registration.
Q: What do I need to do if I won’t get a confirmation message?
A: At first, you should check your Spam folder. If it is not there, write to our support box. If it won't work- please, get in touch with our support team.
Q: What must I do, if I can’t access my account?
A: Please check that your login and password are written correctly. If you cannot recall your password, just click Remind password link near login field. Then write the email you used for registration and check it for message with confirmation link for new password order. Login is your email address which you used to create your account (no matter what PC you use at the moment). If you can’t remember your registration email address, feel free to contact our support team.
Q: I have a problem with a login – whenever I click on any link it throws me to home page! What's wrong?
A: Probably, the problem is that cookies in your browser are disabled. Please, turn on cookies in your browser: go into "Internet options" in your browser and press "Privacy" to change your settings (procedures may vary depending on your browser). It also happens that the proxy server caches Internet pages "too effective". Check the settings or apply to your system administrator or technical support.
Here is an instruction on how to turn on cookies in various browsers:

Internet Explorer for Windows
1. In Internet Explorer, press the "Tools" menu and choose "Internet Options".
2. Click the tab marked "Privacy".
3. Click the button marked "Advanced".
4. Check the option marked "Override automatic cookie handling".
To enable cookies: Set "First-party Cookies" (and "Third-party Cookies, if you want) to "Accept" .
To get a prompt to accept or reject cookies on a site-by-site basis :
Set "First-party Cookies" (and "Third-party Cookies, if you want) to "Prompt" .
5. Press "OK" to save changes in the settings and leave the dialog box.

Firefox for Windows and Mac OS X
1. Open Options dialog box:
Within Firefox, press the "Tools" menu, and then"Options".

Mac OS X
Press the "Firefox" menu, then "Preferences" .
2. Press the icon marked "Privacy" in the left column.
3. Click "Cookies," then the option marked "Allow sites to set cookies”.
4. Click "OK" to save changes and leave the dialog box.

Safari for Macintosh OS X
1. If you use Safari, click the "Safari" menu and choose "Preferences".
2. Press the icon marked "Security".
To turn on cookies:
Set the option marked "Accept Cookies" to "Always".
3. Press "OK" to save changes and leave the dialog box.

Opera for Windows or Macintosh OS X
1. In Opera, press the "File" menu and select "Preferences".
2. In the left column, choose "Privacy".
3. Set the option marked "Enable cookies".
4. Press "OK" to save changes in the setting and leave the dialog box.
Q: How do I know, if it is safe to give the personal information?
A: Administration of
www.Mediasack.com ensures that all personal data you provide is confidential and can’t be disclosed without your written consent.
Q: How can I unsubscribe from your newsletters?
A: Go to your Account section and find "Notify me about new arrivals by e-mail". Select or deselect the services you don’t need.
Q: What should I do if I want to delete my account?
A: You should send a message to our support team with this request.

2. Payments

Q: How can I pay for mp3 downloads?
A: To update your account please go to Refill Balance page. Choose the way of payment, sum of deposit, and then click "Pay Now" button. This will take you to the payment page where you should follow instruction and fill all necessary fields with the right information. Depending on the sum and the way of payment we propose you different bonuses. If you have any questions, you can apply to our support team. You should notice that the minimum one-time payment is $20. All prices on our web site are indicated in USD.
Q: What ways of payment are accessible on Mediasack?
A: You can pay with the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard..

Q: How can I check if my payment has been made successfully?
A: You can go to your balance page on our site and check for it. However, you will get a message to your email address you with notify that you have been successfully credited your account on Mediasack.com.
Q: How much does it cost to buy music at Mediasack.com? Are there any fees?
A: The normal price for one mp3 track on our web site is $0.10. The normal price for one flac lossless track is $0.30. Prices are indicated in USD with all taxed included. We have not any hidden/monthly fees. You pay only for the chosen tracks.
Q: If I update my account and won't use up my balance at once, will it expire?
A: No, there are no time limits on our site. You can spend deposited money whenever you want.
Q: Are there any subscription fees on your site?
A: No, there are not. Our customers pay only for songs they buy, at the time of acquisition.

3 Song preview

Q: Can I listen to a song before I buying it?
A: We propose you 1-minute preview of any song on Mediasack.co. The service is provided free of charge. To start listening to preview go to the album page and press play button (triangle icon) beyond song you want to hear. Preview is a 1-minute long part of one track. Any registered user can select between 60secs-high quality and full length-low quality previews.
Q: Does the preview have such quality as the real track available on your web site?
A: Yes, the previews have the same quality as the track itself. Full length previews available only for registered users offers low bitrate audios.
Q: What to do if I can’t preview the chosen song?
A: Please check that you have the latest Flash Player for your browser installed.

4 Music purchasing and download

Q: How can I buy music?
A: Visit the release page to choose the songs you want to purchase and press the button "Download selected" to make them available for downloading or press "Add selected to cart" button to add songs in cart, if you want to buy them later. In your shopping cart you will find songs posted in releases and to buy them from one release you should press "purchase album" button. If you want to review the tracks included to release press the tick near the album cover. You can add single tracks or full albums to the shopping cart by pressing "add to cart" button next to each album or track.
Q: How can I download purchased music?
A. You can make it from "My Downloads" page or from any other page, where you can see the chosen song or album. Click Download in Zip button near an album to begin the download of full album in a single Zip archive (you will need WinZip or 7Zip software to extract it, unless you use Windows XP, Vista or OSX). To download separate MP3 -tracks, press "Download" button in the last column. If some song or album does not start to download and begins to play straight in your media player, you should right-click the link for download and select Save Target As...
Q: Please tell me what is a zip file and to use it.
A: It is an archive containing several files or a full album, which allows you to download several tracks at a time. You will need to 'unzip' it and extract files from archive before listening.
Q: What should I do if the purchased track or album is corrupt or password protected?
A: We never set passwords and sale the corrupted files on our site. It can be caused by the failures in your Internet connection. Try to download the chosen track or album again. To avoid such problems we advise you to use download managers soft (e.g. Reget; Reget Deluxe; Go!Zilla; FlashGet; GetRight). If you still have difficulties with downloaded files, feel free to contact our support team. Send a message with detailed description of the problem, indicate the album and artist name, and link to the release page. You should notice that all purchased music can be re-downloaded from your Downloads section during 6 months after buying or as long as you do not delete it.
Q: The purchased track/album has a bad quality. What can I do in this case?
A: Please, send a message to our customer service. Write the detailed explanation of the song or album you have problems with. After checking your complaint, we will return the appropriate sum of money to your account and try to replace the low-quality track with the good one, so you can download it again. Some classic audio, recorded from vinyl, may have different sound characteristics which can’t be changed or improved.
Q: What software or multimedia device do I need to play the downloaded tracks?
A: The music is provided in mp3 format so you can use almost all media players and mp3 compatible audio devices. If the downloaded track isn’t played properly please check if you have latest audio codecs installed.
Q: Is the album cover or artwork included in the price of downloads?
A: Almost all albums on our site contain artwork. However, the older ones may not have it. But we try to deliver artwork with all MP3 downloads. Single tracks do not include any artworks or covers.
Q: Where can I find the purchased tracks?
A: You can usually find the tracks downloaded from Mediasack.com in one of the following folders: My Music, My Downloads or your Desktop. If you couldn’t find them, check if you have really downloaded these files and try to use the searching system- search for artist/album name.

5 Listening and transferring to player devices

Q: How can I transfer the purchased music to my iPod/iPhone?
A: For a start, you should download purchased music to your computer and extract it from the archive (if you download it in Zip file). Then you need to download iTunes and install it according to the instructions. After that, launch iTunes.
a) If you want to import an individual mp3 file, press File > Add File to Library and locate the music file you want added to your library .
b) To transfer all the mp3 files in a folder, choose File > Add Folder to Library, and locate the folder containing the audio you want added to your library. Sync your iPod or iPhone.
1. Connect your iPod/iPhone to your computer.
2. When the iPod/iPhone icon appears in the iTunes window (below Devices), choose it.
3. If the Summary pane isn't showing, click the Summary tab.
4. To automatically synchronize your iPod/iPhone:
a) Check if "Manually manage music" is not selected.
b) Click the Music tab and do one of the following:
To automatically update your iPod/iPhone with all the songs and playlists in your library, press "Sync music" then "All songs and playlists". iTunes loads the songs and playlists in your iTunes library onto your iPod, and deletes songs from your iPod/iPhone that aren't in your library.
To automatically update your device with certain playlists, select "Sync music" and "Selected playlists," then choose the playlists you want synchronized.

Instructions to synchronize your iPod/iPhone manually:
a) Check that "Manually manage music" is selected.
b) Press Music (below Library, on the left of the iTunes window). Then drag songs and playlists to your iPod/iPhone.
Q: How can I download or move tracks to other device (not iPod/iPhone)?
A: For a start, buy the tracks and download them to your computer. The following procedure differs depending on the type and model of your device. For detailed information, you can consult user guide or manual of your device.
If the music library on your computer synchronizes with device, add the downloaded tracks to your music library first and then synchronize it with device. Some devices (having their own browser and Internet access) don’t require downloading to computer.
Q: What should I do, if I can’t play the downloaded music on my MP3 player or mobile phone?
A: Please check that the tracks have been downloaded properly to your computer. If you have downloaded zip file, make sure that you have extracted mp3 files from archives before trying to play them.
If it doesn’t work, please contact our support team providing a detailed description of your problem (including download you are having problem with and the used device).
Q: Is it possible to burn purchased music to a CD?
A: Yes, it is. All the downloaded music can be burned onto CD as long as it is for your personal use. Please use any available CD burning software (e.g. Nero, Windows Media Player).
Q: Can I keep all purchased and downloaded music even if I choose to delete my account?
A: Yes, all your tracks will remain available for listening.

6. Refund policy

Q: Is it possible to ask for refund if the service doesn’t meet my requirements?
A: Yes, in this case you can ask for refund. Then your request will be considered by the site Administration. To make it, you should send the application to the our email:
billing@Mediasack.com. Please attach the detailed explanation of the reason for your dissatisfaction. The administration will immediately consider the refund.
The conditions of refund:
1. It shall not be more than 5% of the amount paid.
2. The request was made within a month from the time of payment.
3. After the refund your account will be blocked and you won’t be able to register on our site and use our services anymore. Please notice that we cannot give you a refund if you have purchased only 1 song/album.
Q: Is it possible to get my money back if I have purchased one album/track on your site?
A: Unfortunately, it is not allowed. We advise all our users to calculate an indicative sum of purchases before making a deposit. For this purpose, use shopping cart facility.

7 Legality and security note

Q: Can I ask if your site is legal?
A: Yes, of course. The activity of Mediasack.com is realized in accordance with the legislation of the license agreement # 34/65А-12 of the Right holders Federation for Collective Copyright Management of Works Used Interactively (NP "FAIR"). Our service pays the author's royalties to the creators of our website. Any further extension is forbidden.
Q: Your prices seem too cheap for the legal site.
A: Our Company is situated outside of USA, so we’re not obligated to follow any regulations of other countries.
Q: Is it safe to share my billing information on your web site?
A: Yes, of course. Paying for your order with credit card is made via secure SSL-connection, established between our server and the server of Processing Company. After that, your balance of payments will be transferred through highly secure closed bank networks. Processing of the customer’s confidential data (Requisites of a card, registration data etc.) is realized in the Processing Center. Therefore, even the seller can't acquire the clients personal and banking data. We use protocol SLL 3.0, server certificate, issued by GeoTrust company, acknowledged by the center of digital certificates, to avoid unauthorized access to the information while transferring it from the client to our server.

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Mp3 Music Download

music downloader

http://themp3site.com Welcome to our service, where you can find, listen and download interesting music in comfortable MP3-format. On our site you can legally buy any track you like. Collecting your own music library has never been easier! Appreciate the functionality of our service right now! Fill your iPod with last updates of the music world!

            Where to start?
            To start using our service properly, it is necessary to register your account on our website. For this purpose, use the special form, presented on the home page. Just enter all required data in the appropriate fields, and then confirm your e-mail address by following the sent link. After that you are free to use our resource without limitation.
            If you face difficulties confirming your e-mail, we recommend you to check the folder “Spam” of your e-mail. It has probably got lost exactly there.
            If for some reason, you can’t log in, check whether the entered login and password are correct. Didn’t you manage to solve the problem? Feel free to contact our support team.

            Choose the songs
            Excellent! You have been registered! What's next? It's time to start choosing the music. On our website you’ll find a lot of interesting tracks of different genres. For this it is necessary to use a convenient search.
            Before buying a music track, you can listen it in good quality. You can do this using the Preview option. You’ll have an opportunity to listen 60 seconds of any track in original high quality. Any genre, any album, any artist. Using Preview option, you can fully appreciate the juiciness and sound quality of the original track.

            Buying tracks and albums
            So, you’ve listened and chosen a few interesting tracks from our audio materials. You can buy each of them in one click. Add the track you like to the basket, and then pay it through the convenient payment system. Our service offers various options for paying the chosen music.
All the tracks are presented on our site in MP3 format. If you want to download the full album, you can make it using Zip archive, providing maximum file compression without loss in quality.
After downloading the music, you can listen it on any device: laptop, PC, tablet, smart phone or MP3-player. You can also play the purchased music with the professional sound systems, able to give the high sound quality. You can be sure that the purchased tracks will meet the strictest requirements of music fans. If you’ll find the sound quality inadequate, please contact our support team, and we’ll solve your problem as soon as possible.

            Now you can legally download the music in MP3-format. Using our service, you can easily find the latest songs of the music world buy the albums of legendary stars and enrich your taste and preferences. We offer you the richest audio library which will be appreciated by the music gourmets. Fill in your iPod with the new music right now!

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Music Downloader

MediaSack.com - a fresh look at the music market! A lot of brand new genres, artists, albums, as well as world top groups of all ages! It s easy to find mp3 song here, due to user friendly navigation. All the music links, provided, are safe and reliable, which ensure you great quality and free of viruses. Try and this site will be in your bookmarks!
Since the very birth, every person is surrounded variety of melodies and sounds: it s the rustle of the trees in the summer, the lilt and melodic voice of a multitude of birds and the chirping of crickets. Sounds list every day around each person on the planet can be listed for a very long time, but the bottom line is that the impact of sound on our lives is enormous. And even now, in the era of enlightenment and the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, in the form of mp3 downloads, we are not fully aware of this fact.

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you download mp3 and turn on the music!
Are you standing or going, you are listening the music! You are in a bad mood, you come home and spending few seconds on download mp3 songs you become calmer and happier! Music is always and everywhere with us. Regardless of our mood, it can not understand you, but it will be able to express your emotions. Music - it s not just a sound, but it s a state of mind.

Already at the dawn of civilization, man has sought ways to subjugate the magic of music, trying to find a way to release the most charming melodies and sounds. It is because of this desire even then primitive man invented the first prototypes of musical instruments. Nowadays tools are naturally more perfect. And melodies, that publish through them, got a magic charm. That’s why, it is so easy and accessible today to buy mp3 music or download it for free. Now it is simply impossible to imagine life in complete silence, without being accompanied by music, which can make human life more intense and bright.

Music has long been used in the psychotherapeutic purposes. Psychologists download music mp3 and use it in the treatment of nervous disorders. The quiet melodious music has a positive effect on the person. It does not interfere with the work, helps concentration. Studies have shown that drivers, who download music and prefer relaxing music in a way, responded to the risk on 10% faster than the drivers in the cab of which, sounded loud rhythmic music.

The influence of music on people is obvious, although the psychophysiological mechanism of this effect has not been studied yet.